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BT Forum Upgrade has been done. No need to re-register this time, just use your previous Username & PW. Login is in top right corner, a bit too light grey for my liking, I'm searching for the code to change it. Please have a good look around and post in the "New Forum Software Queries" Thread for and queries/problems you have with the new Version

Link to Queries thread ...

I will also post an update on BT Facebook Page
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  • Milky Way Photos on Bonaire

    Milky Way Photos on Bonaire

    Check out the latest Photography thread from Gerard with awesome captures of the Milky Way at the Willems Toren Lighthouse.

    Click HERE for a sample photo...
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  • Whale surfaces near our dive boat !

    Whale surfaces near our dive boat !

    the excitement never ends. Surprise ! !
    This video shows what we saw yesterday while on a dive boat .
    The Best part of the video is in the first 1.20 minutes. We were on a boat dive up north yesterday, moored at Slagbaai for dive interval/lunch break. We were watching some really big fish jump ... when suddenly we see spouting Has to be a whale !! Linda motor...
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  • Permission has been recieved allowing us to post captures from the Underwater Cams

    at Harbour Village, thanks Donna for the two pronged approach

    and a BIG Thanks to Isabella & Christine at Harbour Village

    ok Donna let's see some of your best captures from the last few weeks ? :bless:

    Here's the LINK TO HV Underwater Cams...
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  • Sea Grass SAGA of May 2015......

    Sea Grass SAGA of May 2015......

    Methinks we need a BTer on island to ask about what the locals think of it

    ermmmm KOB ??

    I thought it was maybe due to the low tide and the grass coming from directly in front of the beach,
    but here you can see it streaming in across the Bay

    The clean up Battle is on..

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  • Important change in residency and visitation policies - US Passport holders ONLY

    Good News for American Passport Holders!

    We have just received some exciting news from the Immigration Office concerning visitation and residency for American Passport Holders: The Immigration Office of the RCN has informed us that USA passport holders willnow be afforded the same visitation and residency right as Dutch passportholders who are NOT originally from the Antilles. NOTE: This has been confirmed to me verbally by employees of the Immigration Office, but I have not ...
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  • Seriously? .......... Day 0

    Seriously? .......... Day 0

    “Not gonna fit,” Leslie said, “It’s too big.”

    I sighed. My shoulders sagged and I felt defeated.

    “I hope you’re wrong,” I said, knowing that she probablywasn’t. Over the years I had grown accustomed to Leslie (Double L) being right. Even when I knew she wasn’t,somehow, she always was. But, in this particular instance, I had no grounds forprotest. My lovely, smart bride was most definitely correct.

    It was too big.

    She looked at me. “Now...
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  • Land Clearing at Front Porch, New Public Beach at old Sunset Beach site

    Land Clearing at Front Porch, New Public Beach at old Sunset Beach site

    there is a video on you tube that starts off in Papiamentu but the main body is in English. Olivia Domingo, owner of Eden beach gives a through explanition of the whole project..Thank you all who have listened to our pleas for 10 years and now we have a 100% public beach back..
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  • Reef Spawning Event Today

    Reef Spawning Event Today

    We are mid-way through a 15-day stay on Bonaire, and had a rare (for us) experience today: a reef spawning event.

    At 3 pm while diving Bachelor Beach, we observed a single brown sponge (phylum Porifera?) begin "erupting". Within 45-minutes, sponges over a wide area began releasing gametes. A white cloud filled the water and coated the reef.

    We witnessed this only once before, several days after the full moon in early October. Apparently, this particular sponge follows...
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  • "DRONES" above Bonaire

    "DRONES" above Bonaire

    Hi all... This is my first post on this forum...

    Yep!!! "DRONES" above Bonaire! I actually don't like this name calling for the purpose of these Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS's). It gives a negative feeling (spying, bombing etc.).
    Some time ago I bought myself one too and made some test flights around my house, soccer fields and other open spaces. Afterwards I shot a small movie above and around "1000 Steps". A little did I know that it was actually completely forbidden t...
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  • Flamingos


    Great capture of Flamingos on the Windsurf Place webcam by our awesome Webcam lady Donna-Aire

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