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Whale surfaces near our dive boat !


  • Whale surfaces near our dive boat !

    the excitement never ends. Surprise ! !
    This video shows what we saw yesterday while on a dive boat .
    The Best part of the video is in the first 1.20 minutes.

    We were on a boat dive up north yesterday, moored at Slagbaai for dive interval/lunch break.
    We were watching some really big fish jump ...
    when suddenly we see spouting Has to be a whale !!
    Linda motors out a few hundred yards, we search the seas.
    Suddenly the whale surfaces within maybe 40', blows a couple of times, surfaces again
    Someone had a cell phone to take video...
    We "almost" capsized the boat, all 10 of us rushing to one side 'hurraying' the whale.

    We saw the whale again about a half hour later, further away,
    spouting and showing his tail fin as he dove. At the same time a couple of people
    saw a large shape near our boat . There must have been two whales.
    Not sure yet what type they were. possible Bryde's whales.

    Pretty exciting ! ! !

    • Neptune Nick
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      Very cool. You're making us all jealous!

      Neptune Nick

    • diverdan1
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      That is beyond awesome. We will be there in a couple of days, tell them to stick around!

    • DiveSergeant
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