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Thread: Safety & Protection Alert System Proposal

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    Default Safety & Protection Alert System Proposal

    We just returned from our vacation, our 3rd time on the island in the last 1.5 years I think.

    This time, we brought friends, who fell in love with Bonaire as well and we all look forward to coming back asap.

    In the meantime, I`d like to make a suggestion.

    This trip, as well as on our previous trip, while snorkeling we observed divers below us (with cameras) continually crashing into corals and breaking off many pieces.

    We felt helpless watching this.
    I did manage to tell someone who was diving with one of the careless divers about it on our previous visit, but I don`t think they really cared about it.

    At home in Canada, we have roadside (highway) emergency assistance phones.
    I was thinking perhaps Bonaire could install a network of a similar fashion at the popular dive locations?

    Not only could these could be useful in saving lives, in cases of heart attacks, near drownings and other health related emergencies, but they could also be used to report crimes to the police AND environmental destruction to STINAPA!

    The phones could be located along with (yellow) signs indicating emergency numbers to call for those with cell phones, but not everyone has their cell phones with them when heading out to go in the water.

    An increase in hiring-volunteering and presence of STINAPA would be helpful as well.

    Quite a long time ago, I witnessed destruction like this increase with the popularity of diving on Cozumel and would hate to see this continue to happen on Bonaire.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    John Donohoe
    Val-des-Monts, Canada

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    As a concerned traveler you might want to add the relevant telephone numbers to your contacts so you can use your cell phone to alert authorities. Bonaire actually uses the 911 system. We need better roads before we need call boxes. Anyway, on Bonaire, no one with any authority is going to respond fast enough to make any difference unless you are reporting a real medical emergency - everyone has cell phones.

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    If you ever watched the locals legally net a bait-ball you would understand that the destruction you see is quite minor. The shallows corals and sponges are shredded by the nets and all done legally.

    Certainly divers should be careful. You will never get everyone on board with that. Calling Stinapa over a careless diver would be whistling in the wind. They are quite incapable of dealing with this, they lack the resources. Bonaire is not a wealthy island. Much of the profits from the resorts leaves the island to corporate owners who live elsewhere.

    Be happy for what there is and politely talk to those damaging the reef. That's about the practical extent of what can be done.

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    Careless divers are everywhere. Resort divers, new divers, they dont have control underwater and not much you can do. Its been a while since Ive been there but in the past Ive visited the island for 15+ years and all I could do was talk to the folks about being careful or ask the divemaster on the boat to talk to them.

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