We have booked October 17-24 (Saturday to Saturday) at Buddy Dive and are stoked!

Now I need to book the flights from Philadelphia area.

Flying to Curacao and using Winair for the Curacao-Bonaire hop saves is about $600 total (family of 3). We seem to have plenty of time for the transfer from AA to/from Winair (4+ hours in Curaco for both legs). My question is the reliability of Winair (experience with the carribean local airlines is that they are full of surprises). A couple questions:

  • What is the experience with American to Bonaire? I've heard some stories, but that's selection bias since you generally don't hear stories about all the times it worked fine.
  • How much time do you need for the transfer from major airline to/from Winair on Curacao?
  • Does Winair stay on schedule? How likely are they to cancel flights?
  • We'd have 8 hours between flights in Curacao on the return leg. Is it practical to get a cab into town to explore for a few hours between flights? Is it worth the effort?
  • Anything else we should be aware of?

Thanks in advance,