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Thread: Does depth matter? …… Days 9, 10, & 11

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    Default Does depth matter? …… Days 9, 10, & 11

    Leslie came out of the bedroom of the condo, unit C7 at Sanddollar. She carried my Aga face mask. Smiling, I could tell she fought hard to contain herself, on the verge of laughter.

    “Here,” she said, extending an arm, offering me the mask—my mask. “Let me know if the visibility is any better.” Her self-restraint failed and she broke out in laughter.

    I had purchased the Aga full face mask brand new before this trip. To protect the visor during shipping and handling, the manufacture attached a thin plastic sheath to the outside. I peeled the sheathing off the visor before our first dive.

    However, I didn’t realize the manufacturer also attached the same type of protective layer to the inside of the visor. In summary, I’d been diving with a thin layer of plastic across the inside of my visor. After soaking and rinsing my mask that particular day, Leslie noticed the plastic and peeled it off.

    I studied the visor. It sparkled in the sunlight, free from the plastic encumbrance that had apparently plagued my visibility for the last eleven or twelve days and 26+ dives. I couldn’t wait to experience the difference underwater.

    What can I say?

    Again, I’m reminded that I’d be lost without Double L.

    We dropped my brother Tim at the airport a few days ago so he could catch a big Delta bird back home, to the Chicagoland area. He completed his eightieth dive this trip. Also, I believe I was able to teach him the difference between a tarpon and a barracuda.

    The next milestone, Tim, is a night dive.

    His packing ability impressed me, possibly setting an all-time record for quickness. However, he forgot his shower gel, toothbrush, grapes, and a pack of frozen M&M’s. And a Velcro wrist strap for his wetsuit that he swears by.

    But he was quick.

    Before he left, we had a great dinner at our friend’s, Tom and Katie’s condo. Good food, cold beer, and lively conversation, all while enjoying the Bonaire nightly breeze. Nice way to top off a good diving day.

    Speaking of which…

    Sporting an unrestricted, visibility-uninhibited visor, Les and I went back and dove Aquarius again, hoping to snap some pictures of the free swimming green morays. Didn’t happen, though. They never appeared.

    But we did find a large baitball, which we spent a considerable amount of time exploring, swimming through, and watching. Then we came across a squadron of squid, followed by a large rainbow parrot fish. Then, to top off the dive, we swam with a spotted eagle ray.

    All of this on just one dive. And we never went deeper than 25 feet, most of the dive actually being between 15 and 20 feet.

    Just goes to prove that depth isn’t the determining factor. Tons of things happen in the shallows, especially at a spot like Aquarius where there’s a healthy amount of coral and activity in less than 20 feet of depth.

    Upon exiting the Aquarius dive, Leslie asked, a malicious smile creeping across her face, “How was the vis?”

    I knew what she trolled for, but instead responded, “It was good.”

    She cocked her head. “Only good?”

    I walked over to her. “Best visibility I’ve had on this trip.” I pecked her on the lips. “Thanks to you.”

    Like I said, I’d be lost without her.

    Dive on Friends.

    Dave & Leslie.

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    Shallow dives rock. Lots to see, good lighting and so much time in a tank that you risk getting tired of the dive before running low on gas the breathe. And on Bonaire shore dives, you can choose to do shallow whenever you want with no boat schedule.

    As for the film on the mask... you were simply testing your dive buddy’s attention to your kit, right????

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    Tja, you've gotta admit it Dave....

    Women.... us guys just can't do without them

    P:S: check your email ref. Ad for the Book, just not sure if you check that one when you are on Hols?
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    Good timing on the baitball at Aquarius. This morning it was rounded up in an encircling net just next door near Larrys Lair/Jeannies Glory. I suppose it will be on the menu this weekend.

    There was another bait ball this morning between Pink Beach and White Slave.

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    If you ever watch the locals net a baitball, they trample the shallow reefs in the process.

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