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Thread: PAYS-BAS Car Rental

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    Default PAYS-BAS Car Rental

    Anyone have experience using PB Car Rental...good/bad/indifferent or otherwise?
    They seem to be the only one I can find that offers the Suzuki APV to rent.
    We almost always have rented the 4-door trucks, but the little van would be helpful the next trip.
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    We used PB for two rentals in the last couple of years. Both went well, we had no problems other than one SUV we had was rather dusty on the inside when we picked it up. But it ran fine the entire two weeks we had it. The other was clean when we picked it up and both returns went well on departure day. We have since switched to owning a private vehicle so we no longer are in the rental market. Good Luck, and enjoy your trip!
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