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Thread: Inland Kite Surfing

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    Default Inland Kite Surfing

    I've done some kitesurfing in the ocean when we lived in Qatar and now again while we were in Cape Town, but because I cant practise, i seem to forget everything...

    I was told I could possibly go to the Vaal Dam to kite surf, does anyone know if its true, and a good idea? Are there any other places near Krugersdorp that are good to go to?

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    Hi WK

    I don't recognise those place names as ones on Bonaire, are you getting confused with some places on Aruba or Curacao ?

    EDIT: Goggle helps .- those are sites in South Africa

    I only know of one Beach (Atlantis) on Bonaire where the Kite Surfers regularly meet & surf, so if you are planning a trip to Bonaire maybe a refresher lesson will help....

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