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    Please help!

    Lost all my gear after I forgot to close tailgate of the truck. (Please no comments about stupidity)
    Went back no more than 10 minutes later and couldn't find anything. I came from captain Don's and drove south. Went 3/4 around roundabout headed towards Playa Trading.

    Was in a rectangular black bucket.
    Apeks harness
    Dive rite donut wing
    Scubapro reg. Has one blue hose. (Mk21 first stage)
    19 cu ft pony with dive rite reg.
    Dive rite thigh pocket. With sausage, reel, and spare mask.
    Hollis M1 mask
    Bare wetsuit.
    Aqualung boots

    If you hear anything, see anything, or know anyone to pass the message to, please help in any way. It's just the start of my 2 week holiday. (Side note- there were three motorcycles coming to the roundabout when I was there, if you know and bikers, maybe they saw something.

    Thank you!!
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    Thumbs up Gear has been found

    Gear was found and returned. Even thought it took a spill out of the truck, everything worked on my checkout dive. Amazing.

    A big thank you to the awesome couple that returned it! And a thank you to Wannadive for helping, and Dive Friends retail shop for giving good advice. And a thank you to Chris back home that emailed a bunch of his friends here to help. You are all amazing!!

    I'm just so happy there are still good people in this world.

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