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Thread: Any airfare insight?

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    Got our flights!! Ended up paying $850 but have a 9 hour travel day rather 27 hours of travel that I was seeing earlier for $1200! Can't wait to get back to Bonaire and see my fishy friends!!

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    Delta from Midway or Ohare to Atlanta and Bonaire--that's my guess. It is a short connection time in Atlanta. Check luggage to Bonaire. Should you miss the flight to Bonaire, you could fly to Aruba on Delta; and take Inselair, Dividivi Air, or Aruba Air to Curacao and on to Bonaire.....Good Luck!

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    I have been watching airfares from Colorado Springs and Denver to Bonaire for several months. From COS the round trip is currently pricing at $2500. From Denver it was over $2000 but recently has dropped to $1100 (still outrageous). But here is a trick i found. I did a multi-segment trip where I entered the same segments as a round trip (i.e. segment 1 DEN-IAH, segment 2 IAH-BON and so on). The exact same flights as an $1100 round trip prices at $800. I ended up buying a multi-segment trip from DEN-EWR-BON-IAH-BON for $700. I overnight in Newark but then it means i arrive in BON at 1pm.

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