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Thread: letter of singleness?

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    Default letter of singleness?

    I have been told I need a letter of singleness (apostilled I think). anyone from the US have any clue where to get this from?

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    Have you met with someone in the Immigration office about this? This is something that you can get in The Netherlands, but not in the USA, so you need to ask them what type of letter they will take. Sometimes they will take a letter from the State or county where you live that states "there is no record of a marriage or divorce" for you.

    In the Netherlands they keep records on everyone, so you can go to the "civil registry" office in you town and get a letter that states you have never been married, never had children, etc. It is impossible to do that in the US, but i think they might take a letter from the state or county stating the "according to their records there is no record of you ever being married." It worked for me, but that was 10 years ago, and i am sure things have changed.
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    You need to contact the office of vital records in the state you are moving from. I you are divorced, you need a certificate of divorce with apostille attached. If you have never married, it's a little more complicated, but the office of vital records can handle it. They will conduct a search for a marriage record using your name and social security number, and then they will produce a letter that says they have no record of marriage in your name. This letter DOES need to have an apostille attached, but the state office can handle that for you. You cannot get this letter through the online vital records service; you will need to call the actual state office.
    Such a letter will be accepted here in Bonaire as a certification of singleness. (Personal experience)
    Also, you will not need this letter (or your birth certificate) for the residency application at the Immigration office. You need it AFTER your residency is approved when you go to the Census Office to register and get your sedula.

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