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Thread: Avoiding import tax when moving to Bonaire

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    Default Avoiding import tax when moving to Bonaire

    I'm interested in hearing from people who recently relocated to Bonaire from the US. Can you briefly describe the process of shipping your stuff and/or your car to Bonaire? Do you have to obtain your residency before shipping in order to avoid the import tax? Is there still a big duty on cars owned less than a year? Thanks for the benefit of your experience.

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    Doug -- we moved here a little over 2 years ago, brought all our household goods and a car in a 40ft container. Yes, big duty on cars owned less than one year prior to residency. Other household goods, I believe the duty-free window is 6 months (i.e. you have to have owned them for 6 months prior to residency). I believe that you have up to 6 months after moving here to bring them in duty-free.

    As a practical mater, nobody from Customs opened or inspected our container.
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