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Thread: Used Truck Purchase on Bonaire?

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    Default Used Truck Purchase on Bonaire?

    Hello Bonaire Lovers!

    Where could be purchase a reliable used truck on Bonaire?

    Thanks for any tips!


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    As I am relocating to Bonaire in a months time, I've been wondering the same.

    I got in touch with AB Car Rental after getting a tip that they sell their former rental trucks. There's also a used car dealer with a website, called BoCar Bonaire. If you want to buy from private individuals, theres the website BonSale; as well as '4 Sale Bonaire' (a monthly for-sale pdf magazine).

    I hope my tips are not in breach with the rules for this forum.
    - that guy

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    We searched for a reliable used truck and realized two things. First, the value of a used truck remains high and so the price reflects the limited availability. Second, any truck that has been used for rental in the dive industry (for even a relatively short time) is rusted to the point of no return and is unsafe. Suspension, frame, doors and floor not to mention bumpers, tailgate and bed. We bought a new truck and tried to keep the salt water rinsed off after every dive, but after a few years it too is on it's last leg. Good Luck.

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    There's also a page on facebook called Bonaire Cars 4-Sale. mpement is right; you will find inflated prices and lots of rust.
    Some people I know tell me they have saved money by purchasing in the States and shipping. It's probably worth checking out. If you have owned a vehicle for more than six months before moving to Bonaire, there's no import duty. (Please check with your cargo service to be sure this hasn't changed).

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