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Thread: Atlanta customs/immigration times

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    if you booking now only option for return--you will need to wait if Houston connection as normally we book in May.

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    Thanks again Bonnie!! This will come in handy at those airports that do not have Global Entry.

    Quote Originally Posted by BonnieC View Post
    When I first downloaded and set up the Mobile Passport app I took a selfie and that picture appears each time I use the app. So I had misunderstood that part.
    Yesterday, on my phone as we exited the plane, I filled in our arrival airport and airline, answered about 5 customs questions and submitted it. Then, also on my phone, I received receipts that had our pictures and the same info and symbols that appear on the printed receipt from the kiosk. We went directly to the (very short) line where people were handing in their kiosk receipts. I put the phone down on a reader just like using a paper receipt. The big deal is saving the time it takes to wait in line and use the first kiosk to get the printout of the customs form. With a short layover, every minute counts. And it's free.

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