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Thread: are there any dives you have to get to via boat that we should be sure not to miss?

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    You will LOVE the shore diving on Bonaire. We just stayed at the Yacht Club apts. which is right across the road from Something Special. You will LOVE that dive. Also Barie reef which is close to the SandDollar. What time of the year are u going? I will be back the end of June and first of July.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShelleyCarroll View Post
    We like the little stuff best, like nudibranch and flatworms, seashorses. Often times, guided boat dives will whisk you along relatively quickly, and we have found that in order to find that really little stuff and have time to take pics, you need to be patient. Don't get me wrong, we've had some great dive masters who can take us right to a seahorse that is 'regular', but i guess we like the experience of finding the little creatures on our own. .
    I find the same experience with most boat dives. I also share your preference for searching/finding the little things and that it takes slow moving and patience. Being the lone diver in our group, wishing my timing was matching yours and that I could join you. But I am not visiting until January, 2015.

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