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    Has anyone used them for editing footage and putting together a trip video? We used our GoPro 960 and Hero 3 on our trip but we are still not very good at it. The Hero 3 footage is also very green and I do not know enough about video editing to fix it. It would be nice to have a compilation of the best shots. Any idea on the price? Wish we could have taken a photography class with them.

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    Just read the question on Bon Photo...We can tell you that Bon Photo does a great job with any photo or video situation...

    First mistake we made last summer was going to Grand Cayman instead of Bonaire.

    We did have some travel problems the year before getting to Bonaire so we decided to try a new location for our snorkeling and marine life photography therefore we ended up on Grand Cayman.

    We should mention that the Caymans are nice but when you compare it to what we have experienced on Bonaire THERE is NO comparison. The water around Bonaire for snorkeling can not be matched.

    Back to your original question, we used Bon Photo during or last stay on Bonaire June 2012.

    We stayed at Don's Habitat and that is how we found their business.

    We had them put together a video for us and they did a great job. We only use Canon D10s (we have two) and even with that small camera we were able to get great photos and an incredible video with the help of the owners of Bon Photo.

    If you like you can locate the video and our photos on our Flickr site:

    PS we have our next Bonaire snorkeling trip set up for this summer at Don's again...and we plan to get enough new material for Bon Photo to do another great video for us.

    Now all we need to do is to get through our 9 degree temperatures here in Pennsylvania and live long enough to make it to June.

    Pat and Russ Miller

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    We took our family down June 2011 and had Susanna [Zsuzsanna Pusztai] dive with us to video our dives and made a cd for memories. She visited with us the next day and was jus tnot pleased with the quality and offered to dive with us @ Karpata the next day and do it again as she wanted it to be right! No additional charge and great service so our vote is yes as to service. Now I have no clue about editing your own videos, but email should get you to find out services they offer. By the way, her boyfriend at the time was one of the 2-divers who did the dive around klein Bonaire. Again, really great person and believe they can do a quality job for you. Royce & Mary

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    I cannot say enough good things about Bon photo.
    We had a friend come stay with us and we took both still shots and short video clips.
    They put a wonderful DVD video together that I gave him just before he left!!
    They took my best photos and even added in some island photos from their own files.
    Great job and since our friend was an amputee who wanted to learn to dive, we were able
    to give him his first underwater adventure on DVD thanks to Bon Photo. The price was better than I expected and the results where far better than I expected.

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