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Thread: A day off diving and snorkeling idea

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    Default A day off diving and snorkeling idea

    As a previous post, I have a trip coming up this year. With day to kill before flying I always do a little snorkeling, having been to Bonaire a handful of times I have never been up into the park, I have been out to Klien to dive, what would be the nicest last day in your opinion, a day out on Klien snorkeling and relaxing, or a day of the same up in the Park?

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    I am a diver but do snorkel with my family. If it was my choice, I would take a guided snorkel trip to Klein Bonaire where you would have a good chance at seeing cool critters. However, since you have never been to the Park, it might be worth your while to take your truck (no cars!) up early, do the long route to see the wild east side "beaches" and the blowhole, and then snorkel at Wayaka. Be sure to take lots of water and snacks; you can get lunch at Baca Slagbaii. We have tried to do something unique and new each trip, so you might want to park it.

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