What I think I know:

there appear to be 2 parts of the Oasis complex:

1. A set of private homes that line the waterfront. #11 is Beachcomber Villas (if you can get in there I highly recommend it, but they are becoming a tough ticket). The villas on each side of #11 are private homes that are not rented to vacationers. I believe there are others in this group that are private rentals, as well as other non-rentals. I don't know if these private homes are considered "part of Oasis" or not. We did have acess to the pool as guests of Beachcomber Villas, but I don't know if that is a "one-off" arrangement or standard.

2. A set of apartments off the waterfront that are rentals. They surround the pool area. I believe these are "Oasis proper", though there could well be "Oasis rentals" that are on the water-front that I just don't know about. I know nothing of these, but they looked well-kept from the outside. Access to the water is via at least one, but maybe more, paths between the waterfront villas or from the north end at the DF dive shop. The South end is a cliff, and I didn't see access to the water (but I wasn't really looking).

At the north end of the complex is a Dive Friends satellite shop and access to "Cliff" dive site. This is where we got our tanks when we stayed at Beachcomber Villas (did I say I recommend BV?).

There are 2 gates to the Oasis complex, one at the north end that is opened when the DF dive shop opens (about 0830) and closed at about 1630, and one at the south end that I never saw closed (but we were never out past about 2100).

From the south end of the property it is a very short and pleasant walk along the waterfront sidewalk to Captain Don's (beer, food at Rum Runners, dive shop).

There, I've exhausted my (very limited) knowledge of this - a bunch of "I don't knows" and "I believes". What I do know is that Beachcomber Villas is outstanding.