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    Exclamation Echo Bonaire

    Dr. Sam Williams is seeking help with the delivery of some surgical supplies and insect control for bees.

    He will pay for the items shopping online but needs to have a messenger who will accept the delivery and bring it to Bonaire within the next few weeks.

    He will be ordering scissors and tweezers, small lightweight items.

    Also if someone can locate a bee control product please? They are infesting the nests and are a detriment to the process.

    Please contact Sam direct at

    Sam Williams []
    Ann Phelan
    Caribbean Wind & Sun Vacations - Owner

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    Echo is a conservation NGOworking to protect the Yellow-shouldered Amazon Parrot here on Bonaire. TheEcho team would like help from visiting or resident handy persons to build and repairthings around their centre at Dos Pos. The day's jobs could be anything frombuilding a kids walking trail to fixing the house roof. "Kunuku days"normally take place on Saturdays and the team are a fun bunch to hang out with. Please contact me if you can help. The parrots need you!


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