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Thread: Visiting during Regatta?

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    Default Visiting during Regatta?

    Hi everyone,

    We are making our second trip to Bonaire this October and just realized we will be there for the Regatta.

    We are excited about the opportunity to see some more activity (outside the water) on the island, but wondering if things will be too busy.

    Where on the island are the races held?
    How busy are the restaurants, and the water during this week? Maybe more reservations will be needed...
    Does the regatta draw just participants or many spectators as well?

    Thanks so much!

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    Hi Vet,

    Well, the races normally center around Kas di Regatta (Regatta House) on the Oceanfront Promenade, at least during the day. This is an area just north of where Karel's is, if you remember that. That area will be crowded, and you might not be able to snorkel much if things are going on. The races themselves will be all over the place...........there are races around Klein, the whole island, as well as small craft (sunfish, windsurfing, etc.) races and micro boats.

    There will be extra buoys placed in deep water during the races, these are normally turn-around points for the yachts. As long as you stay away from snorkeling in town, you probably won't be affected too much. There will probably be a few dive sites which are closed at various times during the races, ususally around Klein where the boats might come in to shallower water.

    Wednesday is "lay day" or the resting day. Friday is normally the biggest day on the promenade when much of the island turns out for the final bit of races and the awards.

    You will find that each night in town is a big party. Bands playing, lots of food stalls, etc. Starts probably about 7:00-ish, but goes late. Lots of people come in for the week (or part thereof) from Curacao, Aruba, or other nearby points, for the week-long festivities. If you plan to eat in restaurants, do call ahead to be sure they are open. Many restaurants, especially those out of town, close during Regatta, because everyone is in town.

    Oh, and the week normally begins with the Jong Bonaire swim to Klein Bonaire on the Sunday morning to kick off the week. It's a lot of fun, so give it a try if you're here then.

    Hope this helps.


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    Hi there,

    My wife and I had our first regatta last year. Before, we did'nt want to be on the island during the regatta... but it had turned out to be so much fun. Next time, for sure we will go during the regatta.

    There is a lot of life music with food and drinks. People make there own, local food and sell this for a more than a fair price. And it all taste very good! So yes, I would definitely book your trip and enjoy the regatta.

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