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    cory Lurker

    Default We have been to Bonaire twice

    We have been to Bonaire twice now and i drink primarily red wine, the market downtown has a fair selection but even the lower quality wines are not very reasonable, any suggestions on where to find a good price on a decent bottle , or say a 10$ bottle here in Ca. also do they carry any calif wines?
    havent seen any?

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default [url="http://www.antilleanwine

    Keep in mind, red wine + heat = bad, bad. bad.

    They have a large walk-in cooler, pick from there.

    Capriccio's also sells wine over the counter.

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    Jim Mc -- But you can all me Jacques Lurker

    Default Wine is good.

    Wine is good.

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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default wine is very good

    wine is very good

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