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Thread: Parchment Paper

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Cynde, it's also known as

    Cynde, it's also known as hell's toilet paper.

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Sounds better in French.

    Sounds better in French.

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Le papier toilette d'Enfer

    Le papier toilette d'Enfer.

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    Glen Reem Lurker

    Default I thought most European toilet

    I thought most European toilet paper fell into that category. It always felt that way.

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    Barbara "CB" Gibson* Lurker

    Default I'm not eating nothing coo

    I'm not eating nothing cooked on toilet or toilette nothing....

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    Kelly(*) Lurker

    Default CB, you should have started th

    CB, you should have started that with, "I ain't".

    Just saying.

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    Barbara "CB" Gibson* Lurker

    Default Dang, have an ear

    Dang, have an ear for dialogue,,,

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    *Skipper Tink* Lurker

    Default This went downhill fast lol

    This went downhill fast lol

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    Dianna Rides the Short Bus...... Lurker

    Default Zoooooom - - she's back,

    Zoooooom - - she's back,
    hells toilet paper eh?
    sOunds fitting for my kitchen!!
    Tink - my appologies - I forgot about your no cooking _ I have agirlfriend who also doesnt cook - she wanted to impress her friends on the mailnand so made my "salad wraps" (tonnes of prep work) it was hilarious - she called me 6 or 7 times even with step by step instructions ----they did turn out tho!
    Tink I think your best use for parchment paper is when you get it served to you in a restaurant "en papilotte"

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    Freddie.....I want warm weather again... Lurker

    Default [url="http://www.reynoldsparch

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