I came up with this after many tries........its very good, and will store in the fridge for a few days(if it lasts). Warning delicious, but by no means light!! Cals for diving!!!

melt 1/4 c butter, add 2 T cream cheese (spreadable style is easier to melt) wisk-melted (may look curdled...thats ok) slowly wisk in 2 c cream add pinch each of salt&pepper, gr nutmeg, granulated garlic bring to simmer (do not boil, it will split) simmer to reduce by 1/2 @ 11 min remove from heat wisk in 1/4 c grated parmesean

to re-use leftover(haha) just stir it into hot pasta before serving(no need to reheat separately) if you choose to re-heat, use double boiler method.

Hope ya'll enjoy!