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Thread: South LA Comfort Food

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    Michelle M in Texas for now Lurker

    Default Brad, Yum...sounds like a GRE

    Brad, Yum...sounds like a GREAT New Years Day dish to me!
    Thanks bunches!

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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default That does sound wonderful!

    That does sound wonderful!

    Being a West Coaster, I have to confess that I read the title as South Los Angeles Comfort food definitely piqued my curiosity!!

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    Brad Ford Lurker

    Default And in Birmingham, "I'

    And in Birmingham, "I'm going to LA" means Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Fort Morgan, Dauphin Island, that area - Lower Alabama, also known as the "redneck riviera".

    edit: I should add LA is a wonderful area and I love going there. I fit right in.

    (Message edited by gbf on December 8, 2009)

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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default HaHa!!! Brad - we're headi

    HaHa!!! Brad - we're heading over to Dauphin Island after our niece's graduation from LSU
    We'll be Rednecking it Dec 21st

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    Brad Ford Lurker

    Default Have a good time. And sta

    Have a good time.

    And stay out of the Florabama. I actually know a guy who won the mullet-toss back in the 80's.

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    I'll always be BOOM here! Lurker

    Default I know the Florabama - but onl

    I know the Florabama - but only through my SIL's stories. She's our native New Orleanite.

    I'm sure we'll have a great time -- short stay though.

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