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Thread: Grouper

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    Andy Bryant Lurker

    Default Someone in the "diving"

    Someone in the "diving" forum mentioned that most grouper served on Bonaire was actually Asian catfish or illegally caught.

    Is there a place on the island to get legal grouper?

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    Jerry Lurker

    Default Yes Andy, farm raised or illeg

    Yes Andy, farm raised or illegal. Please don't order grouper. There are always other good, fresh fish to try.


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    Vince Lurker

    Default Andy and others..PLEASE do NOT

    Andy and others..PLEASE do NOT order grouper. Personally I also advocate that you eschew any restaurant which has it on their menu.

    Grouper has been established as an endangered species. If the folks stop ordering it, the local fisherman may lose the impetus to catch it. Especially if restaurants which serve it are boycotted.
    Lets all leave the grouper on the reefs where they belong.

    Want something delicious? I suggest Lionfish which I believe will soon be found in copious amounts! And, from what I understand it is also an aphrodisiac..

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    Jim Mc -- But you can all me Jacques Lurker

    Default Vince, while diving in the Tur

    Vince, while diving in the Turks and Caicos this summer, lionfish were very very abundant. In fact, it was my first encounter with them. One of the divemasters, from the UK, informed me that lionfish was absolutely tremendous. As grouper, they are also part of the bass family. Nothing like a good aphrodisiac, I always say.

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    iTimmmy Lurker

    Default and if over fishing isn't

    and if over fishing isn't enough reason to stop eating grouper consider this...

    Health Alert <font color="ff0000">&#43;</font>
    Environmental Defense Fund has issued a health advisory for grouper due to high levels of mercury.

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    Andy Bryant Lurker

    Default Lionfish quite plentiful in th

    Lionfish quite plentiful in the Turks and Caicos this year. Saw them on every dive, and rarely just one at a time.

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    Jim Mc -- But you can all me Jacques Lurker

    Default Me too. They are everywhere th

    Me too. They are everywhere there, especially off on West Caicos.

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    silvia taurer Lurker

    Default It Rains Fishes as well as El

    It Rains Fishes as well as El Fogon have grouper on their menu, last time I was there &#40;Aug/Sept.&#41;. Jerry Ligon had a great idea.
    He proposed to raise awareness by awarding those restaurants who do not sell grouper.

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    Vince Lurker

    Default Silvia..Can you expand a bit o

    Silvia..Can you expand a bit on Jerry&#39;s great idea?
    What are we awarding those restaurants which do not serve it? I think a campaign to avoid those restaurants which do in fact advertise &amp; serve grouper would be much more effective. The old &#34;scarlet letter&#34; approach, no restaurant would want to be branded with it.

    You see the signs on island about dengue; how about a big grouper &#40;perhaps with a cigar in his mouth&#41; with a red slash through it? I think that would certainly get the message out.

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    silvia taurer Lurker

    Default hello Vince, I fwd. this th

    hello Vince,

    I fwd. this thread to Jerry so that he explains eventually his idea personally. I dont think your idea of branding restaurants with the &#34;Grouper scarlet letter&#34;, is a good solution, it would be the same as bashing, which we are all against here on BT, I do find the idea of awarding a restaurant who does NOT serve grouper a much more subtle and sophisticated approach to this. My point here is, as long as people still want to eat grouper, many restaurant owners accommodate their guests wishes, hence, some restaurants still sell grouper, if this grouper now comes from venezuela or somewhere else or Bonaire. By raising awareness towards the public and awarding those who would eventually participate in a grouper ban off their menus, you get a way more positive feedback.
    Grouper is maybe in some parts illegal to fish but not illegal to eat!
    I would like to refer to the whole whale -eating scenario in Japan, since it was forbidden to catch, the japanese found a way or excuse to circumvent this problem and nowadays you still can get whale meat in the more noble supermarkets such those as in Ikebukuro or in Ginza &#40;areas Tokyo - have seen it personally, as Sashimi&#41;, where you pay an horrendous amount for it, but, since it is forbidden and very expensive to get, people who like to impress, do buy it, to proof their guests or families of their status. So a totally wrong message!

    Raising awareness, educating the public and awarding those restaurants who ban grouper off the menu is a better vision, I find, there will always be people who want to eat grouper, but eventually or hopefully lesser by the day.

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