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Thread: I need the Rum punch for my LDS Family in law

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    RObert Carter Lurker

    Default My LDS (Not the drug)

    My LDS (Not the drug) inlaws are driving us crazy(including my wife)
    I am looking for the rum punch recipie from any of the places in Bonaire. My wife could not even determine if there was alcohol in it. Please help
    We are having a BBQ to celebrate our Masters graduation on July 31ST in UT. All are invited BTW.


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    Barbara "CB" Gibson Lurker

    Default I can't come up ith it, bu

    I can't come up ith it, but I can give you Cactus Blue's "Pink Cactus", from the recipes in the Bonaire Dining Guide

    ½ cup of crushed raspberries
    ½ cup coconut cream
    ¼ cup pineapple juice
    2 shots of white rum

    Blend and serve over ice

    More of a pina colada, I guess(How do you tilda on a computer?).

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    RObert Carter Lurker

    Default THanks for the idea. I didn

    THanks for the idea. I didn't think about the bonaire food guide. I forgot that it included recipies


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    Sandy Oliver Lurker

    Default Looking for somewhere else tha

    Looking for somewhere else that sells the Bavaria non alcoholic beer. The Warehouse sells it but they are always running low or OUT.

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