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03-14-2021, 02:18 PM
Calling all Canadians on the Island who are there under a 1 Year Temporary Residency - seeing your expertise/experience!

1) Did you start the application process for 1 Year Temp Residency BEFORE you came to the Island or did you have to wait until you were ON THE Island in person?

2) If you didn't start the application process until you were there on the Island in person - how did you feel about securing a 1 year lease on a rental BEFORE knowing if you would be approved for Temp Residency? Are landlords understanding that if you aren't approved you'd have to end the Lease early?

3) When you were approved for Temp Residency - did you no longer have to pay the Per Person Nightly Tourist Tax on your rental/accommodation? Did you get refunded what you'd already paid out in your first few months?

4) When you were approved for Temp Residency - did you then become required to file/pay Income Taxes to the Bonaire govt on "Canadian Earned Income"? Because I've read Temp Residency comes with "Sedula = Health Care" I am assuming Bonaire would expect Tax revenue from you? I anticipate still paying Canadian Taxes on Canadian Income Earned as I will maintain "some" ties to Canada - but I don't believe Canada has a Tax Treaty with Bonaire so concerned that "Temp Residency will = Taxes Payable to Bonaire" even on my Canadian Income...

5) Where did you have your documents "Apostillized" in Canada? Did your docs need to be "Notarized" and then "Apostillized"? What were the fees/timing for this process??

Thanks All!! I've been reading through all the historical posts on this forum and others but with so much info out there I'm just looking for "Recent Experience" and clarification - specific from Canadians -

John Do
04-08-2021, 07:53 PM
Good questions.
Will check back later.
Fellow Canadian, dreaming of Bonaire.