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07-05-2020, 12:04 PM
Dear all,

First of all thank you a lot for all the topics and answers on this forum.

My husband and I are planning our move to this beautiful island in October (he is Dutch, I am French and we are currently living in France).

Could you help us find a good company to move our household goods. We spoke already with AllWays transport but we would love to have your input on this.

We will be moving with 3 cats, with all the good vaccination, identification and health certificate. But, when looking for more info on the website infobonaire, I found out about a form for the health certificate that include a serial number of the certificate.
Can anybody help me out with this? Is a health certificate from my vet is enough or does she also has to fill up this form? And what is this serial number about? (I asked her already and health certificate don't have a serial number on it).

Thank you very much


01-11-2021, 10:10 AM
Hi, this is a little late! I just logged in for the first time in a while. I traveled to Bonaire for 3 months from the US with both of my cats Fall 2018. Like you, I was concerned about unclear instructions regarding entry requirements and paperwork. The final verdict was that coming from the US i needed the current vet's bill of health mailed to the USDA federal veterinary office who placed a required stamp on it and mailed it back to me. The timing was very tight but just doable. What nobody told me was that on arrival in Bonaire they were very lax. I probably could have just walked the cats right in with no paper work if that was my plan. Of course I wouldn't do that but it was noteworthy the extent I stressed out over nothing. The officer I showed the papers to didn't know to look for the special stamp or ask me any questions. Leaving should have been easy and stress free except it wasn't. You need an exit bill of health that is easily got on Island for $10-20. So we thought we were all set except in the line to check in a dutch lady from the first class line started freaking out that she was allergic to cats and they had to land a plane somewhere once for her when she had an allergic attack. I had already paid for a pet reservation long in advance but we still were pulled out of line and held up while they contacted Delta in Atlanta to sort everything out. It was a tense showdown between us and dutch lady, but after 30 mins or so word came down that dutch lady can go pound sound. They even let us priority board to get the cats settled and were extremely nice to us the whole time. One of the native desk agents whispered in my ear that dutch lady was b#$%& early on and that helped put me at ease a little. It was so worth it having my cats with me for my 3 month sabbatical but the getting in and out part is way more stressful than when you are traveling alone. Minor delays or disruptions to the plan are much more problematic when you have animals in your care.