View Full Version : On Bonaire in September and October 2020 IF all goes well

06-25-2020, 04:10 PM
We are booked and have confirmed tickets, arriving 12 September.
We will be there three weeks, leaving 3 October.
Two couples going...longtime dive buddies will dive the first two weeks. But, he's leaving and I'll need a dive buddy.
If you're going to be on Bonaire, and need a buddy that week, reach out.
I am in my 55th year of diving.
Advanced PADI and NAUI Nitrox.
We have a rented house in Hamlet. Right now, 28 September-3 October, we will have a couple extra rooms in this 6 room home.
Our arrangements are equal split for all expenses except diving and any meals we eat in restaurants.
Rental trucks, accomodations, supermarket visits...equal split.
We are not partiers...we dive too much for that.
We doe eat out "some", and we all share cooking and dishwashing duties (though there is a dishwasher, so I should say "dishwasher duties").
I definitely prefer divers with experience, though you don't need to have as much as I have.
Not tolerant of ANY sort of illegal substances.