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11-26-2019, 10:48 PM
It's been several years since our last Bonaire trip. At that time we did a dive at the Sabedeco Pier and it was nice but the lowest rung of the ladder was broken making it difficult to get out.

Can anyone comment on the status of that ladder? Also, can you refresh my memory on how to get to the pier?

11-27-2019, 09:05 AM
The Pier is not in very good shape. The Access even a bit worse. The owner(s)of the home(s) beside the Pier, and the once public access road got the local authorities, whoever they may be. To close the road/gate and thus limit any Public access to the Pier. We heard there was a small allotment of Gate Keys provided to some upper Sabedeco residents?? There was a story in the Bonaire Reporter about it a year, or so ago. IIRC, the owner(s) declared a personal safety concern/issue. We find that odd as we own one of the sea-side homes only about 100M from the pier and we have no safety problems from the public road that runs along our lot line. My understanding was the Road and Pier where meant to be public access points for all. You still do see people on the Pier from time to time, sun bathing or snorkelling.

Good Luck

12-02-2019, 11:26 PM
To add a bit here, we rented Crown Court 17 for some overflow family last summer. It came with a key to the gate. Two carloads trouped down and we dove/snorkeled off the pier. Afterward, the snorkelers left first leaving the gate unlocked for us to get out after we put the dive stuff up. In the three minutes that elapsed, the owners of the newer home on the right burst out and challenged us, wanting to know how we got in, why the gate was unlocked and which unit we were from. We played it cool and answered them politely but good grief! Friends used to own the older home on the left so we went there often to dive and see them. The times they are a changin'. I'd rather dive Andrea I and II rather than put up with that again.