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11-13-2019, 09:05 AM
Good Morning from frosty upstate New York.... it's 9 degrees....

My wife and I are coming back to beloved Bonaire. We've been coming since '72. We have never stayed a month but are going to this time. What I need to know is there a good place to rent a truck for a month that would give us a better price . Looking for folks who've had a good experience doing so.... please and thank you.....

Bill and Cat

11-13-2019, 09:44 PM
Hey Bill and Cat,
For the past couple of years we have used https://tropicalcarrentalbonaire.com/ . We usually stay for about a month or so and their prices are very fare. FYI if you are using your credit card as the primary insurance for the vehicle. A rental over 30 days will not be covered by the credit card. So if you are planning on having the car longer then 30 days then see if it possible to do 2 rental agreements. We found this out from experience luckily we were just under the 30 day window. You can PM for more information. By the way we are in lower NY and it's 22 degrees here. A trip to Bonaire sounds great right about now
Happy travels.

11-17-2019, 07:18 AM
Stuyvesant Rental gives great price on month rentals. Link: https://www.bonaireparadise.nl/auto-huren-/

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11-17-2019, 10:48 AM
try poppy, ive been using them for years. They also take American express which has auto rental coverage for pick ups that most other cards do not cover and poppy doesnt force you to take their waiver coverage which coud add up greatly over a month. If you have AmEx you can upgrade your auto rental coverage automatically to any car rental. It adds 25 dollars to the charge for , i believe, up to a 45 day rental.
It seems sketchy that its all done by email(no web site) but ive never had an issue. The truck is at the airport waitng for you when you get there and thats where you leve it when you go. Trucks are older but her prices are cheaper as a result. If you want new and shiny look elsewhere. Good Luck. We are renting from her for 3 months starting in January.
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11-17-2019, 11:03 AM
Goolgle amex supplemental car rental insurance (https://www.google.com/search?client=tablet-android-samsung&sxsrf=ACYBGNQcI2gjcZfBbjK9dF641okECy96pA:1574002763190&q=amex+supplemental+car+rental+insurance&spell=1&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjC7sycwfHlAhXLuVkKHa0VDWMQkeECKAB6BAgLEAI&cshid=1574002961251&biw=1024&bih=768) for more info

11-17-2019, 11:38 AM
We've been renting a truck from Poppy at telerinbonaire@gmail.com (https://exchange.uml.edu/owa/redir.aspx?REF=oW5sKrDrrQBWm-8OvEjEZOgOZh-z-2RwTWk-h89re4RuBtHLc2vXCAFtYWlsdG86dGVsZXJpbmJvbmFpcmVAZ21haWwuY29t). The trucks come pre-scratched, so you don't have to worry about driving on narrow roads. Someone meets you at the airport and hands you the keys. We've been very happy with the service.