View Full Version : Programming a Transponder Key in Bonaire?

03-19-2019, 12:17 AM
We have 2 keys for our 2014 Honda CRV, but I would like to get a third. I have the key code so can get the key cut, but I will need to have the transponder programmed. I thought that could be done by cloning from my existing key, as was possible on earlier versions of the transponder keys, but Honda insists it must be done in the car, which is in Bonaire and there is no Honda dealer on the island.

So so does anyone have a recommendation about who, if anyone in Bonaire, might be able to do a key or at least program one I bring to Bonaire?

To be clear, this is not programming the lock/unlock buttons, I can do that from an existing key myself, it is the transponder that allows the car to start and run.



03-19-2019, 03:58 PM
Hi Andy.
Auto City used to sell Hondas. Have they stopped? Presumably they still service the ones they have sold.
Akkerman's has a fine service department, so also ask them for ideas.
The new Toyota place would be my third choice.
Good luck!! Let us know whether you succeed.

03-21-2019, 08:16 PM
Hi Tish:

Thanks for that advice. Auto City, nor anyone else sells Hondas on Bonaire now, but if they used to, there is a good chance they would have the Honda software for coding the transponder. I doubt Akkerman would have Honda software for the machine but will enquire. Much appreciate your help.


03-22-2019, 04:13 PM
You're welcome, Andy.
Your challenge will be maintaining the car here.
16+ years ago I moved here with a Honda Accord manufactured in the US in 1998. Over the years, I often had to locate parts myself. The few Hondas on Bonaire were manufactured in Japan, so even when parts were available they didn't always work on a US car. I finally sold the car a year ago when I bought an EV. That old Honda is still being driven on the island by an owner very adept at finding parts. Some of the service places here also are ingenious at meeting challenges.
Good luck!!