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05-18-2018, 05:05 PM
Hello Bonaire Experts!

We are purchasing a used car on Bonaire.
We need car insurance.

Can somebody explain the situation with car
insurance on Bonaire? I'm learning that you
have to have '3rd party' insurance....
is that like 'no fault' in the states?

I wanted to obtain insurance that would provide
liability insurance in case we are said to have
caused an accident but this does not seem to
be a 'normal' thing on Bonaire. Does 3rd party
insurance include collision/comprehensive insurance
for the vehicle etc?

Even the insurance folks I've contacted somehow
are not able to explain this fully....

any advice on what kind and how much car
insurance (and best company for) would be

Kate B
05-22-2018, 03:37 PM
You're right, it's confusing. Insurance depends on the specific car and its age, not just the type of coverage you want. For instance, I was able to cover my 2016 Toyota RAV 4 for collision, but my husband could not cover his 2010 Honda Fit for collision because it was "too old." We use John Flipse as our agent and have been very satisfied with the Guardian insurance he provided for our house and car.

All the best,

06-03-2018, 03:16 PM
Guardian is who I use for homeowners insurance and they gave me pricing on car insurance. She explained it's 3rd party only - only covered if you're not at fault. I believe to be covered in case you are at fault is available, but at an added expense. I like Guardian, Nagico has also been helpful at explaining things to me. I would avoid Ennia as I heard they are hard hit by last year's hurricanes and I've have unpleasant experience with them over car insurance for a car I was renting.