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09-04-2016, 06:25 AM
due to emails (in particular @gmail.com and @Yahoo.com ) being blocked by Spam Filters etc.
Please check your Spam Folder, then here before you send a 2nd request for Registration.

If you see your name and have not received a confirmation email with temporary password please send an email to moderators@bonairetalk.com with an alternative email address for us to re-send your registration confirmation to.

Once we see that you have visited the Forum your entry here will be removed, it will also be removed once the registration date is older than 6 months, thank you for your interest in BT.

**If you do not supply a correct Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year) then please don't complain when our Birthday Greeting arrives on the wrong day**

-Username - if you do not provide us with a preferred Username we will use your real 1st Name & Initial from Surname
-Registration Date
-Real name

May 2021 - 2 new members (2 on Board so far)

April 2021 - 2 new members (2 on Board so far)

March 2021 - 4 new members (3 on Board so far)
--SideHustleScuba-- - 03-18-2021 -.-Ryan M -

February 2021 - 4 new members (all 4 on Board)

January 2021 - 6 new members (all 6 on Board)

December 2020 - 3 new members (2 on Board so far)
--TeamBennett -- - 12-28-2020 -. -Lisa B

04-13-2019, 01:37 AM
The Bug has been fixed that was causing problems with the Mods email address and the Contact us link

Non Registered Users still have to complete the ReCaptcha task of answering a question about some pictures (which is a lot better than the old deformed letters task)

So us Mods are ready and waiting for Registration requests :eek::D:cool:

05-05-2021, 11:12 AM
May 2021 - 2 new members (2 on Board so far)
-- -- - 05-11-2021 -.- -

- 04-02-2021- Username & DoB for -Tom W. ..required
- 01-26-2021- Username & DoB for -Todd B.L. ..required

Password Reset for username-- -- - - 03-31-2021 - ----


for previous 6 months see below