View Full Version : Avoiding import tax when moving to Bonaire

07-19-2016, 04:14 PM
I'm interested in hearing from people who recently relocated to Bonaire from the US. Can you briefly describe the process of shipping your stuff and/or your car to Bonaire? Do you have to obtain your residency before shipping in order to avoid the import tax? Is there still a big duty on cars owned less than a year? Thanks for the benefit of your experience. doug@bonairehelpdesk.com

08-12-2016, 07:55 PM
Doug -- we moved here a little over 2 years ago, brought all our household goods and a car in a 40ft container. Yes, big duty on cars owned less than one year prior to residency. Other household goods, I believe the duty-free window is 6 months (i.e. you have to have owned them for 6 months prior to residency). I believe that you have up to 6 months after moving here to bring them in duty-free.

As a practical mater, nobody from Customs opened or inspected our container.