View Full Version : Bonaire Super Store Still in Business?

07-09-2016, 11:13 AM
Wondering if the Bonaire Super Store is still in business? They don't answer their phone (but maybe they are not open on Saturdays?) and their facebook page had not postings since last May. They were recommended for purchasing things like a new refrigerator/mattress and other essentials for our home on Bonaire.
thanks for any clues!

07-11-2016, 09:48 AM
Tony -

There are three large stores and some smaller stores on Bonaire for buying large/small appliances. All of these businesses have been on Bonaire for a while, and some people love one or more of them and some people dislike one or more of them. I am sure other people will add stores I missed:

Home Electronics, TV, Kitchen appliances, and small appliances
- Omni Electronics (Kaya LD Gerhardts) - My Favorite, ask for Cash. Small store good selection good prices
- City Shop (off of Kaya International)
- Bonaire Super Store (Still on Kaya Amsterdam)

- Home Style (Kaya Amsterdam)
- Inside Out Bonaire (Kaya Industria)
- City Shop

City Shop has a new modern showroom, that has everything from iPads to TV's to Refrigerators to Living Room Sets to Bedroom Sets. They will deliver.

Omni is one of my favorite appliance and electronics stores on Bonaire. Cash is the owner, and he is a friend and always give people a fair price. They will deliver and do installation.

Buying Furniture or bedding or TV's on Bonaire is sort of like buying groceries, you will need to go to four or five stores to find what you are looking for and in the end they still may not have it.

Good luck!