View Full Version : Anyone have an email address for Henk and Elizabeth Kelkboom, taxi operators?

06-04-2016, 07:33 PM
Our groups have used them for a few years and we are returning in August, 2016. I have tried to email Elizabeth twice now and they bounce back. I am in need of a good email for she or Henk.


06-05-2016, 03:52 AM
I found this on facebook
Kaya Chokweke
Kralendijk, (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fshare.here.com%2Fr%2Fmylocation%2Fe-eyJuYW1lIjoiSGVuayBUcmFuc2ZlciAmIFRvdXJzIiwiYWRkcmVzcyI6IktheWEgQ2hva3dla2UsIEtyYWxlbmRpamsiLCJsYXRpdHVkZSI6MTIuMTUsImxvbmdpdHVkZSI6LTY4LjI2NjcsInByb3ZpZGVyTmFtZSI6ImZhY2Vib29rIiwicHJvdmlkZXJJZCI6MTcxMzAzNDkyODkyNzI1Mn0%3D%3Flink%3Daddresses%26fb_locale%3Dnl_NL%26ref%3Dfacebook&h=RAQHdCdEB&s=1)

+599 9 567 0904

06-05-2016, 01:26 PM
Thanks smits. We were able to find Elizabeth on FB and asked to be friends. She responded quickly.

When I click on the link above--I get a notice from FB that I am leaving FB. And that's it....

06-05-2016, 01:45 PM
I see now smits---googled the street and get Henk Transfer and Tours Facebook page. Thanks!