View Full Version : Residency and Health Care for US Expats Moving To Bonaire

12-15-2015, 02:50 PM
Hello Bonaire Lovers!

We are considering moving to Bonaire.

If we manage to obtain official residency status
on Bonaire, it's my understanding that we would
benefit from the health services on Bonaire
(as part of us being permanent residents), but
what of complicated medical needs?

I'm told that.....
Bonairians have to go to Columbia for more complicated
medical treatments. Are such medical trips to Columbia (or Netherlands)
included as part of being an official resident of the island, or
must these special medical situations be paid for outside
of the usual residency system?

thanks for any insights!

12-15-2015, 06:56 PM
Hi Anthony ... as a US expat & current Bonaire resident, I can tell you that we're treated just like local Bonaireans, the Dutch or any other residents. If you need off-island treatment (and you can wait a bit, and like what they're recommending), your travel will generally be paid by the gov't. If you don;t want to wait or want to go elsewhere, you will likely end up paying for the travel yourself. I personally have not had to do this, but have had several friends who have received off-island treatment in Aruba and Colombia.

12-16-2015, 02:20 PM
Thank you very much for that information!