View Full Version : Apartamentu Holanda?

10-20-2015, 04:10 PM
Not sure of this should be in "Getting to Bonaire", but here goes: I have been trying to book some rooms at Apartamentu Holanda in Curacao for two separate trips to Bonaire. I have stayed there several times before. I went on Allan's site, and was thrilled to see the site upgraded with an online reservation system. After filling it out (almost 10 minutes), it didn't work...it goes to one of those crazy pages just filled with numbers and letters. I tried again on different days and different computers. For a month. I emailed him to tell him of this problem. And to give him my dates in the email, like I always used to. Twice. No answer. Does anyone know what is going on?

No, I am not going to call him. Enough is enough. I will just stay at the Airport Hotel, which looks like it has been improved/renovated (somewhat). I am only there for about 8 hours total anyway. I was trying to throw business Allan's way, and I am wondering what's going on. Thanks.