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04-11-2015, 12:03 PM
Hi we are going to Bonaire in May for the first time and are taking all our own gear
We are hiring a truck and hope to visit as many sites as possible
As we will be in the water together I am uneasy about leaving any gear on the beach due to the reports of theft
We will not be taking any valuables except maybe one mobile for emergencies but will have towels and drinks and snacks.
Can anyone recommend dry bags or suggest what they do about keeping their gear safe when in the water ?

04-11-2015, 02:11 PM
Take everything you listed except for the mobile, the towels, the drinks and the snacks.

Leave spare tanks in the truck, maybe some well worn sandals, and you will be fine.

04-11-2015, 04:41 PM
What Thom said, remember the dive sites are not far, leave everything at the resort and do not take anything you are not willing to lose.

04-11-2015, 09:24 PM
For the first time in 25 trips someone took items from our truck in March.
I had old sunglasses, old Birkenstock sandals and older beach towels.
They didn't take any of my things but my friend had his good sandals and
nice sunglasses stolen. As advised by others don't leave anything in the
truck that you can't afford to lose. They didn't take our snacks but did
grab some loose change we had in the ash tray.

04-12-2015, 08:58 AM
We don't leave anything in the car/truck. In fact, my husband usually hides the key somewhere in the truck and we leave it unlocked (of course). We have a 'beach bag' (an old gym bag from Goodwill or someplace like that) and we leave towels and water in it -- on the beach. We have our gear with us including Marvin's camera. We leave our clothes and Tevas on the beach also.

It has worked (so far) for us.

HTH - Bea

04-12-2015, 10:09 AM
Just to follow up on what the others have said. Don't leave anything in the truck you would he to lose. Some tips:

Leave the truck unlocked and the windows down. I have a small dry box on a lanyard and in it go the key (I take it off the ring so it is just the flat key), a $20 bill and my VISA card. It stays around my neck and I tuck it into my wetsuit when diving. If it flood a little bit, so what. If you feel like you have to have the mobile phone, get an underwater case for it and take it with you. Same for any camera you might want to bring.

Bring some ratty beach towels from home, or better yet, if you are staying someplace that provides them ask for "beach towels" there. You'll likely get green or blue towels that everyone uses and they are marked. In between dives we usually hang the towels over the seats or the steering wheel to dry or if it doesn't look like it will rain, we just close the towels into a window or door and let them blow in the wind to dry. I have a pile of old T-shirts that I take along. The ones I mow the lawn in at home. I wear those exclusively when out diving. I also wear some non baggy swim trunks that will not bunch up under the wetsuit. If someone really wants the T-shirt I leave hanging on the steering wheel, that's their problem. I also have a couple old pairs of sunglasses I got for free or that are past their prime. I save the nice ones for non diving activities. I also have old flip flops, a "holey" mesh bag, etc. You get the picture. That stuff goes under the front seats or just thrown in the back seat. Only take the gear you need. Don't take extra stuff that isn't going to the water with you.

Water and snacks. We normally have a pack of cookies (not ones that will melt) and some chips and leave them in the glove box. For water, go to the grocery store the first day and get a few large bottles of drinking water. Put one or two in the freezer overnight. Use these for drinking water As they will stay cold for a while in the cab of the truck. Have two or three more and throw them in the back of the truck. They will heat up the sun and voila, you have a warm shower when you're done diving. The tap water on Bonaire is very good. Refill the bottles each night from the tap and recycle them when you leave. We also have a "sun shower" and it works great, but it is more likely to get stolen than the water bottles. Ours is patched so maybe not so enticing.

04-13-2015, 12:19 PM
Hi thanks to everyone for their replies.

seems we will have to travel around Bonaire looking like down and outs lol (only joking)

Have to keep all my designer gear under lock and key ha ha

We are getting a waterproof tote that my hubby can tow behind him as we are only snorkelers

wont be long now yaaaah

04-24-2015, 12:02 AM
Avis now requires the truck be locked, windows up. That being said we only leave things we are ok having disappear if it happens. In 10 or so trips we have never had anything stolen. Waterproof totes don't work. Been there, tried that. :) You can buy clips to take the keys and attach to the loop in your swimsuit (hubby's trunks have loops in the pockets) money, credit cards in double ziplocks. Good sunglasses stuffed into swimsuit too. Everything else is back in the room. Do look for broken auto glass on the ground and if you see it, park elsewhere. Certain sites are more risky (Andrea 2) and off the beaten path and others less so. Try to relax and enjoy.

04-24-2015, 02:11 AM
Out of all the scuba stuff I have bought, I have gotten the most utility out of a small Otterbox. Buy a small Otterbox. Get the real one, not a knock off. I think the one I use is less than $10 on Amazon. I put my driver's license, $10 bill, a credit card with a very low limit, and the truck key in the box. I shove it in my BCD pocket. (I dive a Zeagle with lots of nice pockets.) Nothing but towels, old ball caps, and water gets left in the unlocked, windows down truck.

I'm always explicit with my dive buddy (wife) exactly which pocket I place the box. If something were to happen, she knows exactly where it is located. (Not that it would be hard to find.)