View Full Version : DAN Travel Insurance "Elite Plan" Now Covers Rental Car Damage But Pick-Ups Excluded

11-23-2014, 03:08 PM
Just purchased the "Elite Plan" of travel insurance through Divers' Alert Network for an upcoming Bonaire trip and noticed that there is $50K in rental car damage coverage, however, PICK-UP TRUCKS ARE NOT COVERED. The following is copied from my policy--it may save some people money who are renting a car, but not a truck:

If you rent a car while on your Trip and the car is damaged while in your possession due to collision, theft, vandalism, windstorm, fire, hail, flood or any cause not in your control, or the car is stolen while in your possession and not recovered, we will pay, up to the amount in the Schedule, the lesser of:
the cost of repairs and rental charges imposed by the rental company while the car is being repaired; or
the Actual Cash Value of the car.

Coverage is provided to you and your Traveling Companion, provided you and your Traveling Companion are a licensed driver, and are listed on the rental agreement. This coverage is primary to other forms of insurance or indemnity.Coverage is not provided for loss to or loss due to:

1. any obligation of you or a Traveling Companion or a Family Member traveling with you assumed under any agreement (except insurance collision deductible).

2. rentals of trucks, campers, trailers, motor bikes, motorcycles, off-road, all-terrain, or recreational vehicles.

3. vehicles that are older than 20 years.

4. vehicles that have not been manufactured in the past 10 years.

5. vehicles that are rented for commercial or livery purposes, including but not limited to limousines.

6. vehicles that have a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of more than $75,000.

7. any loss that occurs if you or a Traveling Companion act with the intent to commit a crime or act in violation of the rental agreement.

8. failure to report the loss to the proper local authorities and the rental car company.

9. damage to any other vehicle, structure or person as a result of a covered loss.

Your Duties in the Event of a Loss:
You must:

1. take all reasonable, necessary steps to protect the vehicle and prevent further damage to it;

2. report the loss to the appropriate local authorities and the rental company as soon as possible;

3. obtain all information on any other party involved in an accident, such as name, address, insurance information and driver’s license number;

4. provide us with all documentation such as rental agreement, police report and damage estimate.

11-24-2014, 07:46 AM
It's not as convenient as a pickup, but you can rent SUV's here, which would appear to be covered by the DAN policy.

11-24-2014, 11:01 AM
Most Bonairean rental companies make it clear that if you decline their CDW insurance you are immediately responsible for any and all damages, up to full cost of the vehicle. They aren't obligated to recognize your insurance, whether it's this DAN plan or a credit card program like American Express Premium Car Rental Protection (https://www295.americanexpress.com/premium/car-rental-insurance-coverage/home.do) etc. (The Amex program mentioned does cover pickup trucks.) This means that in event of damage to the vehicle you'll have to pay the rental company directly and immediately for repairs and then collect any reimbursement from your insurance company later.

Some companies, like AB Car Rental, require that you purchase their CDW insurance. Waiving it isn't an option. Some companies, like Total, increase the CDW deductible for 4WD vehicles. For example: Total's CDW claim deductible is $350 for 2WD vehicles vs. $1000 for 4WD SUVs and pickup trucks.

Most CDW policies provided by the rental companies only cover accidental damage caused by the renter. Some rental companies, like AB and Buddy Dive, offer optional incremental policies that also cover vandalism, theft, fire, flood, and other "Acts of God".