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08-19-2013, 07:10 PM
Hi Everyone - I have a dive group heading to Bonaire in late Nov/early December. Two people are flying Delta, BUF-ATL-BON, but have to overnight in Atlanta both ways (which none of has done before). Does anyone have any recommendations on reasonably priced hotels close to the airport that has free shuttle service? I'm also assuming the airline will know they have paid their luggage fees and won't try to charge them again once they check in again in Altanta? Thanks! Dixie

08-19-2013, 07:42 PM
We leave from PHX, Az. on Delta, and also overnight in Atlanta, then onto Bonaire the next day. We stay cheap in Atlanta! For several years we have stayed at the Super 8 College Park/Atlanta Airport./2010 Sullivan Road, I -85 East. 71 Riverdale Road.College Park, GA. 30337 phone:1-770-991-8985.
They have a free shuttle pickup at the airport, and will also take you back to the airport in the morning. IF you request, they will even take you to the new international terminal, so you do not need to mess with transferring from the domestic to the international terminal in the morning. Much less hassle. Also; free breakfast in the morning.
The hotel is not fancy, but a clean bed and shower. It is also just a five minute walk to a Ruby Tuesday restaurant.
Definitely not a high end hotel, but a good place to stay for an overnight, cost total $62.00 for three of us.
Have them be certain to get and keep their receipt for the paid luggage when they depart their original destination. Delta will want to see that receipt in order to not charge them again in Atlanta.

08-19-2013, 07:47 PM
Thanks Sandy - just the info. I was looking for! They don't need fancy - just something clean with a hot shower! When are you heading back?

08-20-2013, 09:06 AM
We have use this place a couple of times.


Holiday Inn Express in College Park very similar to the above recommendation. Nice place and good people.

08-20-2013, 10:03 AM
We used Delta 2 yrs. ago to fly from N.Y. to Bonaire & they would not keep our luggage overnight in the Atlanta Airport. However, there is a storage place that will hold it - for a fee of course. Delta claimed it is a security issue. Joyce

08-20-2013, 10:04 AM
Thanks! I'll check that one out too.

I'm not familiar with the Altanta airport - Are the domestic & international terminals very far apart, or can I assume that any of the hotel shuttles will drop them off at the int'l terminal if asked (instead of the domestic and then having to transfer over somehow).

08-20-2013, 10:25 AM
Dixie -- ATL is very easy to get around. Regardless of where dropped off, you can take the underground shuttle to any other terminal. You can get anywhere in ATL within 10-15 mins. We do CLE - ATL - BON every year. Used to do CLE - ATL - SJU - BON back in the day before Delta started flying direct.

08-20-2013, 10:29 AM
We will be going thru Atlanta next trip and thank all who commented. Seems like a looong time until the, well; it IS a long time---June!! I have read that there is a new International Terminal in Atlanta and it is separated from domestic by some distance but served by some kinda transport..............

08-20-2013, 10:46 AM
Actually, the domestic and international terminals are really quite far apart. Driving, you will take a different freeway to the international terminal than the domestic. Yes, if dropped off at the domestic terminal, they do have a "shuttle" to take you to the international, however; it can be a hassle, depending on the luggage you have. BEST to be dropped off at the international terminal, if possible.
We do not store our luggage at the airport overnight. The hotel shuttle ( Super 8) will load/unload your luggage into van/no problem.
As mentioned by ModCecil, Holiday Inn Express, also another option/ a bit more expensive than Super 8.

08-20-2013, 02:31 PM
The super 8 is the first hotel I have heard of that will shuttle you to the international terminal. It seems the hotels only want to shuttle you (free) to domestic. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in May and the hotel shuttle from the airport to the hotel said that sometimes if slow they will take folks to international, but they are not supposed to. So that is a big plus if super 8 will do that! Cost us around $20 taxi to go from the hotel to the international terminal. Once thru security life is good - you can use the tram to go between domestic and international terminals. It's kinda wacky they way they set it up. I can only assume they separated it the way they did for security purposes.

08-20-2013, 02:41 PM
If you e mail the manager of that Super 8, a couple of days ahead of your arrival, and request them to take you to the international terminal, they will do it.

08-20-2013, 08:12 PM
Thanks everyone for all the information. All but 2 in my group are travelling BUF-EWR-BON so I'm trying to make it as stress free as possible on the couple going through Atlanta.

08-20-2013, 08:38 PM
We stay overnight in Atlanta and find it a stress-free way to go. We stay at the BestWesternAtlanta Airport- Eastin Hapeville. After reading all about how complicated it was going to be to use the new international terminal, their shuttle took us right to it last February. Their free breakfast starts early, the place is clean, the staff is friendly, and there is an IHOP right next door. I'm not usually a big fan of IHOP but it is a place where each person can get any kind of food they feel like, which is nice when we get in late and only want a little something. It's not expensive, and plenty good enough to a quick overnight.

george and judy
08-21-2013, 06:21 PM
We have been going through ATL to BON for 18 years. We have stayed at most of the airport hotels and all are good. Our favorite is the Drury. They have great rooms, a free cocktail hour, and a very good breakfast. Their shuttle takes you to the domestic terminal but it is not a problem getting to the international. Also, their parking is in a fence and gated area. Although we have never had a problem we have a friend who had his car ransacked in another hotel.