View Full Version : Translator to help Echo deal with Parrot conflict

Echo Michaela
05-14-2013, 10:32 AM

I am working for Echo here on Bonaire, an NGO protecting the lora. Parrot-Human conflict is one of our leading problems, and in an effort to better understand its routes and discover solutions we are running focus groups with local residents. Unfortunately our language skills are not up to scratch, we are looking for a volunteer (or volunteers) with a good grasp of both English and Papiamentu to assist us with this project.

The focus groups will last around 2 hours and will be run within the next few weeks in both Kralendijk and Rincon. If you can help us get to the route of parrot-human conflict and improve the lives of the lora on Bonaire please contact: michaela@echobonaire.org

Thank you