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03-19-2013, 12:18 AM
We were wondering if anyone has spent quality time in the park. We are in our early 40's and are divers but are looking to do other things around the island. Has anyone hiked in the park recently? Do you need hiking boots or can you wear sneakers? How are the trails? Any ideas will be appreaciated....
Thanks Juju :bk:

03-19-2013, 06:24 AM
Start at opening, 08:00 AM to beat the heat a little. Have breakfast in the park.

Do not forget your Tag and receipt and an ID.
I would do the visitors center on the way out. You can combine that with buying souvenirs and a cold drink.
I always bring a lot of water to drink or to flush my face after snorkeling.
As a matter of fact, I fill a cooler with water to wash myself :)
Bring some apples or other fruit.
I would use sturdy shoes, but hiking boots are not necessary.

First stop would be salina Matijs. Very often flamingo’s. Bring zoom lens and tripod.
Then playa chikitu. That’s where I have breakfast on the beach. (I left early because of the heat)
Waves are great fun to play in, but stay in the middle of the beach, waist deep is max. Can be dangerous.
Continue to Boca Chikitu.
When you continue along the coast, you are supposed to see the blow hole. Maybe I was unlucky, but I was not impressed.
Stop at Pos Mangel and walk to the water hole. Bring your fruit. Al lot of Iguana’s. They like a fruit snack.
Lots of bird too. Don’t forget your camera. Lots of photo opportunities. I’ve seen a Wara Wara there many times, but also an Egret and many parrots.

Continue to Malmok and have a walk there and see the old lighthouse and research center ruins.
When you continue to drive you will reach Playa Funchi. I’ve seen many Pelicans there. At you left hand site you’ll see a saltpan. Look for flamingo’s
When you reach Wayaka II it’s time for a snorkel.
At Boka Slagbaai you can have some refreshmenst and have a snorkel too. Very often flamingo’s in the saltpans.
Subi Brandaris is the highest peak on Bonaire. Bring lots of water. It’s a 990 minute hike.
If you have some energy left, you might stop at Put Bronswinkel. A lot of birds there.

03-19-2013, 10:56 AM
Hi, see this link for a story I did about the three hiking trails in the Park: http://www.bonaireinsider.com/index.php/bonaireinsider/hiking_in_washington_slagbaai_national_park_seeing_bonaire_from_a_new_persp/

03-19-2013, 06:56 PM
If you go the short drive, there is a spot named Put Bronswinkel. It is just a few minute walk(in sandals easily) to a "bird sanctuary". You come to a dense spanse of trees with MANY birds. BE VERY QUIET. Most of the birds will scatter, but if you wait 10 minutes they will begin to return and after 20 - 25 minutes most will have returned.

It is really quite charming.