View Full Version : Insel vs. DAE or other suggestions

10-25-2012, 09:37 PM
I'm looking for some advice. I will be booking a one-way ticket from Cur to Bonaire in April. That being said I travel quite heavy; I usually have my carry-on bag, my camera gear- 42lb(20kg) plus two checked bags each weighing close to 50lbs(22kg) each. So total weight for me will be 142lbs(64kg)- based on this what airline would you choose. I understand I will have to pay over-weight fees; I just don't want to be hosed.
Any and all suggestions are welcomed,

10-26-2012, 07:29 AM
Divi Divi airline is the other option for this, which is my recommendation. You should be able to look on the airline's web pages to calculate how much they will charge you and they all will charge you.

10-26-2012, 10:35 AM
And if you do book one of the airlines which fly with small aircraft, do be sure you advise them well in advance of your luggage requirements. I have had the experience where I was once told my 17 pound checked bag would not make it the on the flight with me...........and I was heading to cold weather in a pair of jeans and flip flops. Yet the person behind me in line was allowed three 50# bags. I was told the bag would come on a later flight, which, if I were coming back to Bonaire, would be fine, but in my case, it would not arrive for my connecting flight out of Curacao. A local lady who was terminating in Curacao took pity on me and allowed her bag to go later so mine would go with me and connect with me. Moral of the story: Advance information on luggage can only help.