View Full Version : Whats the best bank when purchasing

06-18-2012, 07:22 PM
We are coming down to the final bids on a property and would like to know which bank in Bonaire is the best to deal with?

J Brown
06-19-2012, 07:31 AM
Are you from the states? Not sure what your particular situation is but loans are pricey on island. Use an equity line stateside. As far as you original question, I have been on Bonaire annually for several years and have heard nothing bad about any of the local banks.

07-03-2012, 11:35 AM
Agree completely with JBrown. When we bought our condo, we refi'd our home in NE Ohio (which was pretty much paid for) at 4% vs. 7% in Bonaire. Plus, you have to put 40% down or so if you finance on Bonaire (I think that's still true, was a few years ago). We use MCB for our wire transfers to Bonaire when necessary without a hitch and the condo purchase was handled through the Notaris via MCB without a hitch.

Hope this helps & good luck !!

07-04-2012, 03:51 PM
Agree with JBrown and kob. I'll add we were told most loans from Bonaire banks are no more than 10 years.

07-23-2012, 02:00 PM
Ditto with Kob, we did the same thing when we bought our place, used MCB too!