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04-02-2012, 05:29 PM
Me and my husband, for the past several years, have been considering moving to Bonaire. We've been visiting the island for years, and it feels closer to our hearts than our own home (US) does. I think this year we may make the official move and we can't wait!
We really have no prefrence of where on the island, so maybe we can have recommendations too. We both went to school for the fine arts and would love to persue our dreams and sell our products, but if not possible we would be more than willing to work anything to give us the opportunity to live on Bonaire. We still have several questions that we can't seem to find on any website.

1) what are the typical mortgage rates?
2)any kind of mortgages offered through the government?
2) is there a certain code that builders are going by?
3) what are the taxes like?
4) how expensive are utilities, house insurance, car insurance?
5) Is it capable for someone who only speaks english to get a job or are other languages required?
6) what are the typical pay wages?
7) We could really care less as to what town we move to, rincon, santa barbra, prefferably not right in kralendijk but maybe Nikiboko is all we have decided as of now.
8) When buying a house, do people accepted much lower prices for an asking price or is it a strict market?
9) Any recommended relators?
10) Any advise on selling arts and crafts? How can one get involved in the boardwalk tent sales during cruise ship days?
11) Any advise on moving cats and dogs?
12) Does the Dutch government allow dual citizenship? Should a person apply for a visa instead?

Thanks for any advice or help! This will be our first time moving from our home country!

04-03-2012, 09:24 AM
:hi: to BT Megan


http://www.infobonaire.com/realestate.html (http://www.infobonaire.com/realestate.html)

information about the local economy, starting a business


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04-07-2012, 06:32 PM
Welcome runaway,
Congrats on your decision to make a move. Considering your questions, what have you done on Bonaire when visiting the island. Never gone to a bank and ask for the mortgage rate? The rate is 7%.
There is no government program for mortgages.
To sell your art on the market, you will need a permit which will cost you ..... USD per day on market days.
All information is available, just ask the local people doing the same thing on those days.
All questions could have been answered by yourself when visiting Bonaire.
It is more fun meeting local people and get the answers. It is worth exploring the details by yourself, cause then you know exactly if it is what you are looking for :bc:


04-08-2012, 09:46 AM
I can only agree with Vince, we are moving to Bonaire in the next couple of months and whilst the amount of official information available on the Internet is improving all the time, we have achieved so much more during the time we have spent on the island.

The locals have been very generous with their time and advice and the knowledge from those who have already made the move is invaluable.