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02-17-2012, 10:51 AM
Yesterday,16-Feb-2012, when I visited IND to check on the status of my residency application I was informed that the requirements Regular pensioners and people of independent means: in the document "Application for a temporary regular residence permit without a regular provisional residence permit (mvv) or a change of purpose of stay" were incorrect:


Specifically I was informed my residency permit was being held up because I did not have a home worth USD 250,000.

Has anyone received residency without a home worth USD 250,000? My notorial deed shows I paid USD 180,000.

Below I have quoted from the PDF where it states USD 140,000.

Regular pensioners and people of independent means:

• a completed and signed application form;
• a copy of a valid document which satisfactorily establishes nationality, accompanied as
necessary by a valid MVV issued for the purpose of stay applied for;
• proof of self employment, sustainable and sufficient financial resources; Namely:
1. In the case of people of independent means: a declaration by a bank which states the
amount of the balance of the bank account(s) in the name of the applicant; and
2. In the case of people of independent means: a declaration by a local accountant or firm
of accountants which states the amount of the last gross annual income of the
applicant and the amount of the applicant’s capital; and
3. In the case of pensioners: a declaration or letter from the pension fund which shows the
amount and term of the pension benefit received; and
4. In the case of pensioners: documents concerning financial resources other than from a
pension; and
5. In the case of people of independent means and pensioners: a declaration by the Tax
Authorities which shows that the payable premiums and tax have been paid on the
• a title deed relating to a home with a value of at least USD 140,000 in the public bodies
(notarial deed);
• proof of TB test (MBES22);
• a certificate of good conduct, issued by a competent authorityin the country of origin (not
older than 3 months).

Thank you in advance for any information you can share on this situation.

You can PM me for my US phone number which rings here on Bonaire or my Local Bonaire cell phone number.

02-19-2012, 12:50 PM
Hi bontalkpcom,

6 Months ago, that same document stated that the home value should at least be USD 250.000. I just downloaded the same document and you are right, now it states USD 140.000
Maybe the rules have changed or it was a printer fault which you have made the IND aware of. I would certainly ask for details concerning your stalled application. Sometimes more often than not when rules have been changed it takes ages that is how it feels before it is implemented.
So relax wait and see what will happen, in the mean time call them every day and try to find out the supervisor's name.
The supervisor must be able to tell you how long the process will take with all the new rules implemented.
Good luck, and hope to hear the results of your application on BT forum.

02-19-2012, 05:59 PM
The person we talked to at IND gave no indication of why the document said USD 140,000 but IND required USD 250,000. Unless we hear otherwise I guess we need to have a home worth USD 250,000. That is why I posted to see if indeed anyone without a USD 250,000 home has been able to get Residency.

We bought an unfinished home which should be worth more than we paid when it is finished. We are now having an appraisal done by our realtor to give us an idea of the value of the home when finished. We hope this appraisal will satisfy IND regarding the worth of the home. If the home is not worth USD 250,000 we will not get our residency so we are a bit upset that we will not be permitted to stay over 6 months in a year.

We will keep everyone informed of our progress with IND. Stay tuned for the IND reaction to the appraisal.

02-19-2012, 07:41 PM
The amounts are too close to rule out a math/translation error...ANG 250.000,00 (our former guilder currency) @ the exchange rate of 1.79 is pretty close to USD 140,000.00...

I'm jus' sayin'

02-20-2012, 11:26 AM
The amounts are too close to rule out a math/translation error...ANG 250.000,00 (our former guilder currency) @ the exchange rate of 1.79 is pretty close to USD 140,000.00...

I'm jus' sayin'

I'm betting Ruth is correct. This really looks like an error of ANG vs. USD. The math points that direction.

03-02-2012, 02:43 PM
:) After our initial appointment 24/Jan/2012 we waited 4 weeks and then checked on the status. We were told we needed a home worth USD $250,000 and that the USD $140,000 was a mistake. We looked into getting an appraisal, we were quoted about USD $450 and no guarantee that IND would accept it. We asked IND what they would accept and they asked us to bring in the Real Estate listing with the ASKING price and a detailed list of what we spent finishing the home. We made daily stops to check on the status and on 28/Feb/2012 we were granted residency until 24/Jan/2013. We immediately attempted to register at the civil registry to get our sedula but were turned down because our property did not have an address registered with DROB. We were able to go to DROB and get an address registered and when we returned with the paperwork we were told to come back today and get our sedulas. After we received our sedulas we immediately registered them with the health care insurance office ZVK. We were told that after 24 hours we would be entered into the health care insurance database. So in our case we needed about 6 weeks AFTER we submitted our application. We arranged for our appointment last November, we do not know how long it takes to get the initial appointment. All the other numerous visits were without an appointment, and the longest wait was just over an hour. We were told the USD $250,000 was the requirement, and if the requirement was not met additional documentation and explanations were required.

03-07-2012, 09:23 PM
Congrats on getting your sedula !! We are already homeowners on BON and looking to retire in 3 years and become Bonaire residents. Your description was very helpful. Thanks !!