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02-15-2012, 05:03 PM
Hi everyone we are based in the UK however following a visit to your beautiful island over Christmas have decided that we would like to relocate to Bonaire for a few years, maybe forever? In a nod to behaving sensibly I will travel out for a month hopefully in the not to distant future (3/4 weeks).

My question is - Does anybody know of accommodation that might be available for that period of time and is reasonably priced?

I'll need access to some wifi or have it nearby as (amongst other things) I run an IT co. and will need to keep in touch and possibly work a little, so if anyone has an available apartment/accommodation please drop me a line!

Thanks in advance


(brian AT dialysisholidays.co.uk will reach me directly) Hi Brian, it is against our TOS to advertize on BT, I have removed part of your post to make it comply with out TOS. please reread the part about self promotion... thanks