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Philip Gelber
02-14-2012, 02:39 PM
Just returned from a week at the CPR. Every review of this facility has mentioned the graciousness of Kenny and Margaret, the owners. They are always available for assistance from dive site tips to restaurant reservations to general negotiating the landscape in Bonaire. If you use their car package, your car waits at the apartment instead of being immersed in the mass confusion and long line at the airport when 180 folks descend on the car rental facility at once after a plane arrival. You just hop in the provided cab (included in the rental) and your car is in front of your apartment (AB Car Rental). Diving is with either Buddy's (no upcharge for nitrox) or Capn Don's (a few minutes closer).

CPR consists of 6 very modern and clean apartments just outside the gates of Cap'n Don's just off the main road. The entrance is just past Capn Don's.

The apartments come with two queen sized beds, a small desk and chair, a well equipped kitchen with microwave, refer/freezer and propane stove. The bathroom is modern and adequate. There is a small LCD tv/DVD player combo mounted on the wall. The upper units have a nice sized terrace with a table, chairs, a clothes line for gear and two chaises. The lowers are walkouts. There is a safe which might fit a small laptop. As an example of the owners caring attitutude and attention detail, note that there is a transformer in each room to change 50hz to 60 hz and 127v to 110v for your sensitive gear. There is a Bonaire enabled cell phone gratis. This needs to be loaded for use (many groceries and Chat'n Browse will do it). There is a very neat mosquito killer in the shape of a tennis racquet which works like an outdoors bug zapper. We noted very few mosquitos this year due to the lack of rainfall. The apartments are fairly well lit, squashing a favorite complaint of ours throughout the Caribbean. No problem reading here. Free wireless is provided and is quite fast and the signal permeates the complex quite well.

The pool area is very pleasant with a new mega sized stainless propane grill and a variety of outdoor seating arrangements. The pool is saltwater and is kept very clean. It appears to be brand new.

Security is good. The complex is locked at night and the key is provided to each unit.

The only downside to CPR is that there is no water view. To see the water requires leaving the complex through the gatesand walking about 100 feet to the Cap'n Don property or the small beach area via a path through The Hamlet. This was not a deal killer for us, and is the compromise to make in exchange for reasonable prices. But YMMV. All in all quite a lovely experience.


02-14-2012, 03:23 PM
I agree with everything you listed. We are returning there for the 3rd year in a row in the fall. The experience is totally stress-free from airport pickup on. We like to be able to see our car. The way the units are offset, each one feels totally private. Here are links to a couple of pictures (not much different from what's on their website, though.)

http://www.pbase.com/patsysj/image/141331685 (back/pool)
http://www.pbase.com/patsysj/image/141331684 (front/from parking spot)
http://www.pbase.com/patsysj/image/141331682 (what you see from your front door)
http://www.pbase.com/patsysj/image/141331687 (what you see from your balcony or patio)
http://www.pbase.com/patsysj/image/141331761 (100 feet away)

Regards...Patsy ><((((o>