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02-02-2012, 06:47 PM

Sorry I'm shouting but this need to be shouted out and NOW.

BICEPS has delivered over 500 letters of opposition to the proposed zoning changes on the island which will, rest assuredly, kill the reefs and more. DROB has "plans" to permit six 6 yes SIX new piers to be constructed on Bonaire in addition to many other projects which will not only change (drastically) the island as we love her but will also be the nail in her coffin environmentally.

Please view and share with others who love Bonaire!! Thank you so much. Masha Danki!


02-02-2012, 11:19 PM
I am not certain about all of the SINFUL and HORRENDOUS horrors about piers, but I know that when I dove with others who had new hip and knee replacements having sites that allow them to toss in BS's with tanks and helping them with entering the water I believe that better entries are needed all over the island! If the piers are commercial then dive the salt areas and look at the great life that lives on the piers and know that because of man's intervention things do get better!

Again, having all the data would be helpful but having easier entry points built to help everyone is beneficial to everyone--island and visitors alike! When diving Cayman Brac it was terrible as it made enty points like Bonaire seem like a cake walk!

Years ago people said drilling boat anchors was terrible---now it is a much better than anchor sites. We should use the same logic about peirs---not perfect but it is not terrible!

Sorry to not be a tree hugger but really do not see it as a bad thing.


02-03-2012, 08:20 AM
The concerns are related to the activities on the piers, not necessarily to the pilings (although pier construction can badly disrupt corals that don't seem to be bouncing back as they should). These piers will include buildings on them that will add trash and nutrients that are best kept on shore.

The piers aren't intended to make public dive sites along the shore road more accessible. They are for private and resort use.

02-03-2012, 08:56 AM
The video was very interesting-----the goverment will self police their actions....sounds like something our elected fools in Washington would come up with as a way to fix things!

So piers for bigger buildings for more people for more trash that gets dumped into the ocean...not a good idea. I love visiting Bonaire and am amazed by how people leave trash all over [both visitors and residents alike] and just keep walking like nothing has happened.

I hated to see Bonaire allow floating human cities [cruise ships] to dock, but likely an economic decision for purely monetary reasons. Places like Bellevue are about as big as I like to see being built on Bonaire but again things change and we all need to adapt. I was told that the local goverment was wanting to build or control the huge empty land space right next to DenLamen [sp sorry] and what I see is a really nice community area for multi use..shore for diving, picnic area and a place large enough for soccer games!

Anyway, it will be interesting to follow this topic and see how it ends.


02-03-2012, 11:12 AM
they want to build the piers out to the drop off...... this is against Marine Park policies,,,, not good for the ecosystem of the park at all.,

02-03-2012, 11:45 AM
The "pier" like at Sand Dollar is very nice and provides access for everyone-----makes no sense to go all the way out to the dropoff as danger with boat traffic also! The short swim all over the island to reach the drop off area is nothing---save the money and fix more roads---improve water service---feed the donkey's and wild goats instead. Thanks for the data---a pier to no-where............


02-03-2012, 01:16 PM
There is way more profit in a high roller destination such as Aruba as compared to a dive destination such as Bonaire .
The powers to be do not care about reefs , they care about the bottom line .
In 25 years Bonaire will be unreconizeable if their development plans go through .
It is really up to the permanent residents to stand up , but maybe a lot of them see the dollar signs as well and who can blame them .

J Brown
02-06-2012, 01:27 PM
Part of the reason I purchased my condo was the view and in a way..the lack of piers. If anyone thinks for a moment that these piers will enhance diving, promote reef growth or in any way be for the diving community...they are sadly mistaken.

02-06-2012, 06:05 PM
Well let's hope sounder minds will prevail on this issue. JB I can certainly understand your position. I have spoken with people on island who are actively involved in infrastructure development and they believe that this is needed to advance the economic state on Bonaire. Their position is there's plenty of room for nature on the island. Suffice it to say, personally I disagree, but everyone certainly has their own opinion on this divisive issue.

J Brown
02-07-2012, 10:21 AM
Put the piers on the windward side.;)

03-28-2012, 08:39 AM
The last post was in February... What has happened with the re-zoning plans and the piers? I am considering buying a house on Bonaire, mainly because I have had the idea that the island is pro-environment, and also because, without real beaches, it will never be developed along the lines of a typical Caribbean island. If they mess up the reef though, the island's tourism industry will collapse.
So, What has happened with the re-zoning plans and the piers? I would appreciate feedback. Thank you

03-28-2012, 11:45 AM
Bonaire doesn't have the beaches that Aruba does... Who are the permanent residents? What has happened on this issue?

03-28-2012, 02:43 PM
I'm not a full time resident but we do own a house on Bonaire and I try to stay connected. Things move slowly on Bonaire and nothing has been concluded.

According to this week's Bonaire Reporter...

"The Bonaire Executive Council of Bonaire and STINAPA, the island Parks Authority, have met twice on the intended revision of the Spatial Development Plan Bonaire (ROB). The local government is proposing to allow several new piers, some even with buildings. STINAPA had protested against these intentions and lodged objections with both the Bonaire government and the relevant ministry in The Hague."


03-29-2012, 08:37 PM
I can remember when Miami Beach was mostly mangroves..... now it is mostly sewage..... you could not pay me enough to go there.
The pave-the-planet people have deeper pockets and better lobbyists than the tree-huggers....... and planning and zoning usually follows the money and noisiest.
This is not just shooting yourself in the foot..... this is economic suicide...... piers and cruise ships will never be in harmony with the environment.
I hear there are a few places in Australia that have not yet been blacktopped.

04-01-2012, 05:59 PM
Good afternoon Freddie and hope you and hubby doing well. If anythine new is built on Bonaire I would hope it would be constructed out of completely unsued round steel pipes just like the ones used down at the salt loading site. The overall life of the area is incredible and this is what I hope any goverment plans would be focused upon. I find it amusing that people would call the facility at the Sand Dollar a pier....me I would call it a very nice and useful diving dock for helping everyone including those with bad hips, knees and other body parts that give people problems with entering from direct shore.

Building a PIER that goes out all the way to the drop off...........it can only be used for mo bigger boats loaded with mo people for the day and Bonaire already has more than enough for me. At some dive sites the drop off is a long swim, but put the snorkel in your mouth people and get a little exercise while diving!

Anyway I hope best for all and hope to talk my wife into another dive trip after son's wedding this July! I will need a break from others!